Gold Making: Farming pets for gold!


Hello, today I’m introducing you to these guides that will help you in farming pets. Most of the pets go for 2000-20000 gold each on the Auction House.

Credits to Studen Albatroz, Asmongold and GeekyNet for making the videos!

Farming: Gundrak Hatchling

Farming: Dark Whelpling

 Farming: Aqua Strider

Farming: Firefly

Farming: Emerald Whelping

Farming: Filthling

Farming: Fox Kit

Farming: Ashleaf Spriteling

Farming: Sunreaver Micro-Sentry

Farming: Disgusting Ozzeling

Farming: Zomstrok

Farming: Ruby Droplet

Farming: Zandalari Kneebiter/Footslasher/Anklerender

Farming: Servant of Demidos

Farming: Eye of Observation

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