Review: The Dynasty Addons, Maximize your gameplay!


Hello, for a few weeks I’ve been trying the Dynasty Addons and from my experience so far I can clearly state that it’s worth every penny! Not so long ago we were still using the good old PDF format leveling/gold making guides. But now in-game addons has become the new thing and Dynasty Addons is a pack of 4 exceptionally well-created addons that serve as in game GPS systems that help in guiding you in your quest and achieving more gold, get to higher levels and optimize your character quickly.

A good addon, like the Dynasty ones, work by precisely pointing you to the correct direction that you need to go so that you don’t get lost in the World of Warcraft, which is huge and complex to navigate through all on your own. Addons and guides will help you recognize the best quests for you to do so that you can reach level 100 in the fastest way possible.

The World of Warcraft Dynasty addons and guides are very powerful in terms of how well they work, since they help you reach high levels on impulse, become a Gold Tycoon, advance from 1 to 100 levels quickly and make instant Pro-Level keybinds and Macros. I highly recommend Dynasty Addons as it will be the best on the market for years to come.


Dynasty Addons Details

The Dynasty Addon pack consists of 4 addons which will help you achive success in World of Warcraft. The addons are each based on different aspects such as enhancing your gameplay,  help you increase your gold, leveling up fast, keybinds or character optimization.

The 4 addons are: Tycoon, Impulse, Booster and Edge!


Tycoon, get TONS of gold!


The Tycoon Addon helped me by maximizing my gold generation by an impressive 350% per hour! The Tycoon Addon examines the auction house, estimates your servers economy and also tries to find out profitable prospects for you where you can gather, craft, farm and sell money making items for a profit after buying them for a cheaper price.

This addon will also give you an advantage over the other players, as you will be able to find the most profitable items to sell in the market and make more gold than the others would still be using the usual tactics. This way you can beat the competition and stand out as a tycoon!

The Tycoon Addon also provide you with some of the most powerful tools that will help you gain gold much faster than ever before! All the gathering, farming, crafting and auction house modules will give you the best direction to make more gold  than you can imagine! By getting the correct insight into gathering, crafting and farming, you will get the ability of singling out the most under priced items in an auction house, buying them and selling them at a huge profit.

Find out more on the Dynasty Website!

Impulse, Pro Keybinds and Macros for made easy!


The Impulse Addon is the most user-frendly keybinding/macro addon that I’ve ever had. It will help you create the most intuitive key binds for the class, spec and role that you have chosen. When you have made your selections, these keybinds are set automatically and you can also cultivate the best reflexes to raid and PvP ad the highest level in no-time!

To make the Impulse Addon work perfectly for you, you will first be required the choose the layout that you are the most comfortable with. All the keybinds are comfrotable and easy to administer, which lets you focus completely on optimizing your gameplay!

With this addon you will also get an optimal setup in no time and you can easily add or remove key binds as and when you wish. Your new setup will be accessible with a single click! Even after you have applied these settings you can easily revert them back to the default settings with a single click!

This addon also detects your class and spec so that it automatically finds the best keybinds and macros for you! It will not be a problem whether you are playing Restoration Druid or Markmanship Hunter, you will always be able to get the customized keybindings and macros.

Enhancing your key binds manually would take you quite a lot of time, but with the Raiding setup and PVP in the addon you will be able to get it done within seconds. There are also setups that will help you learn how to use the key binds and in no time you will be able to get on top of the charts.


Find out more on the Dynasty Website!

Booster, level from 1-100 in RECORD TIME!


The Booster Addon will help you reach 100 within about 3 days without heirlooms and much quicker if you have any! The Booster Addon will give you an easy step-by-step leveling guide. Every quest that you want to take, complete, skip has been planned out in detail so that you can level ALOT faster!

The navigation system provided with the addon will properly guide you through all the steps necessary to reach 100! The navigation system is called ManaArrow and is included with the Booster Addon and it’s a pointer of sorts which will provide you with accessibility and speed. The addon also has a talent and glyph adviser that helps in picking the best talents and glyphs to optimize your leveling performance.

Another great advantage this addon has is that it will give you certain information that you will need when doing quests. The addon will provide you with useful suggestions on completing the quests in the best and fastest way possible, while also using a built-in comments feature that makes quests much easier to complete.

Find out more on the Dynasty Website!

Edge, helps you make your character ideal!


With the Edge Addon you have to first select a class and you can choose any because every class and spec is supported. Whether it is challenging solo content or high-ranked PVP that you choose, you will be able to find talents, glyphs and strategies that will help you achieve success.

You will also be able to utilize your spec to its full potential. This addon has some of the best choices for play style, role and class and with just the click of a button you can achieve an optimized talent build for whatever you’re playing as!

There are many glyphs that are available to further improve your goals in World of Warcraft. The only thing you need to do is buy the glyphs and then slot them to your character. Choosing the right glyphs with make a big difference when it comes to survival.

After choosing your spec, class and what actions you want to take in the game, the Edge Addon will suggest a custom strategy that will provide you with all the information that you need to play like an experienced player!


Find out more on the Dynasty Website!

Dynasty Addons Advantages/Disadvantages


1. The addons are fully legas and safe. They have favorable terms and conditions and using them will never get you banned from the game.

2. Once you have bought the addons you will never have to pay for it again! You will also receive free life time updates and upgrades!

3. They have excellent customer support and you can contact them if you have any problems! You can also join the company’s community forums to discuss with other users.

4. The best part of the deal is that when you buy these addons you get a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. So if you feel that these addons aren’t for you, you can return them and get your money refunded.


1. There are no known disadvantages of buying and using these addons. They are all extremely powerful and can aid you in achieving the success that you want in the game.

2. It is not free, but it is well worth your money! It saves you time and makes you progress much faster in the game.



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