Farming: Bastion of Twilight, easy 6000+ gold/hour!


Hello, for quite some time I’ve been farming the Bastion of Twilight and it is just a great source of gold income! You may think that old spots are outdated or that everyone is doing it but I’m here to tell you otherwise. You can make a LOT of gold doing this, lets do some math!

  • If you VENDOR everything you will earn around 614 gold IN 10 MINUTES. 
  • If you vendor some items, but put Bind on Equip epics and transmog gear on the AH, you can earn around 1,000 gold IN 10 MINUTES. 
  • Those two facts mean you could earn anywhere from 3,700 to 6,000 gold per hour depending on whether you vendor everything or sell the Bind on Equips on the AH.

Without further ado, here is a video of Bastion of Twilight being farmed by a great guy called The Tripod. He explains everything in detail so it will be a very easy task to farm the raid.

Remember: Because of Blizzard’s instance lockouts you cannot do this farm more than 10 times per hour unless you have multiple characters!

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