Guide: 92-97 in less than an hour.


Hello, today I’m showing you how to get from 92 to 97 in LESS than an hour in World of Warcraft.


    • Elixir of the Rapid Mind – Obtainable through a garrison mission or by just buying it on the auction house.
    • Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning – Can be bought with 100 garrison resources outside of your main hall.
    • Full heirloom gear (Optional but highly recommended)
    • Darkmoon EXP Buff (Optional but recommended)
    • The Lumber Yard in the Gorgrond Garrison Outpost (To be able to use the 10 minute cooldown shredder)

Now to the guide:

WARNING: Do NOT use the potions in the beginning of the guide! Use them when told to!

First you have to get to Gorgrond and finish the introduction quests. Remember to take the lumber yard in your Gorgrond garrison outpost! After you have taken the shredder you will have to hunt these mobs down USING THE SHREDDER:

Remember to loot the quest items that drops from the elites, DON’T TURN THEM IN YET!

Tip: You can queue up for a PvP Skirmish to reset the shredder cooldown!

After you have looted the quest items from all the mobs you will have to ALMOST finish all the bonus objectives. You can have 1 mob left to kill or 1 objective left but don’t complete the bonus objective! For example if the bonus objective is “Kill 15 Orc’s and loot 15 crates.”, Loot all 15 crates, kill 14 Orc’s and let one live!

Now you should head to the south or north of Gorgrond and after you have arrived at either of those you should USE THE POTIONS and begin to complete all of the bonus objectives and turn in the quest items you got while hunting the elites. Doing this should give you 320-440% more EXP from each bonus objective and quest completed.

Each bonus objective WITH THE POTIONS give around:

270 000 to 350 000 EXP each depending on your level.

Each quest WITH THE POTIONS give around:

90 000 to 120 000 EXP each depending on your level.


Have fun leveling!

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  1. I experience go through load of blogs and forums together with completed some,your job is certainly superb.Hats off to the strength of mind and trustworthiness.Do hold us up to date at a later date also.

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