Farming: Pit of Saron 3000+ gold/hour (A lot more if you’re lucky)


Hello! I am back again and today we’re going to farm an old instance called The Pit of Saron which is the second wing of the Frozen Halls located in the Icecrown Citadel (Northrend). The Forge of Souls HAS to be completed before you can farm/enter The Pit of Saron and it’s located just left of The Pit of Saron instance!

Now for the actual guide:

We’re going to enter the instance, mount up then just run around the route in the image below and try to pull as many mobs as possible. After you’ve pulled all the mobs just unmount, then kill and loot all the mobs, then simply just run out of the instance and do an instance reset (Right-click your player portrait and click Reset All Instances).

The run usually takes about 2-3 minutes each and you can reset the instance 10 times per hour which leaves a 30-20 minute window open between each 10 runs where you can do whatever you want! Remember to to the daily Heroic Run for a chance of getting the Battered Hilt which often is worth a lot depending on the realm.



Happy farming!

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